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Li visits her Mother, Dec 04
Thumbnail Dalian, Xinghai - Night view.jpeg Thumbnail Our trees - Dalian.jpeg Thumbnail Shanghai.jpeg Thumbnail Shanghai River: HangPuJiang.jpeg
Dalian, Xinghai - Night view Our trees - Dalian Shanghai Shanghai River: HangPuJiang
Thumbnail Shanghai River and DongFangMingZhu Tower.jpeg Thumbnail Shanghai old style (YuYuan).jpeg Thumbnail 2++Shanghai old style (YuYuan).jpeg Thumbnail 3++Shanghai old style (YuYuan).jpeg
Shanghai River and DongFangMingZhu Tower Shanghai old style (YuYuan) Shanghai old style (YuYuan) Shanghai old style (YuYuan)
Thumbnail DongFangMingZhu Tower.jpeg
DongFangMingZhu Tower

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