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Bruno, long time ago

Mon, 31 Mar 2003 Returning from Phuket

I just returned from Phuket this morning.

But at the last moment, before the departure, Li decided to cancel her trip, and she really made a mistake:
She wanted to get a new job in a small company, which told her that she should cancel her holidays. So she did.
But later on the company cancelled the position, and Li started to work as planned in Tokio Marine insurance company.

We were surely not lucky with our 2 last holidays!

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Fri, 14 Mar 2003 Weekly meeting famous words...

François (Hong-Kong): Je te laisse faire ton boulot, Bruno!
François (Hong-Kong): I let you do your job Bruno!

François (Hong-Kong): Jeff, c'est quoi le nom du projet pour Flowmatch?
Jeff (Tokyo): Flowmatch.
François (Hong-Kong): Jeff, for Flowmatch, what is the name of the project?
Jeff (Tokyo): Flowmatch.

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Thu, 13 Mar 2003 Lucky Boudicca!

I wrote in this weblog, on March 2nd, that my wife, Li, decided to try her new (and untested!) hairdresser talents on myself with quite poor success...
But yesterday evening, I had to take Boudicca, our dog, from hairdresser, before going back home. She was allowed (even if she does not like it at all!) to avoid a new test...

For your information, my hairdresser is half of the price of my dog's! We are all poor men, aren't we?? ;-)

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Tue, 11 Mar 2003 Oracle Japan dog just retired

Heidi I completely missed this information, one month ago.

On Feb 6, 2003, Heidi, an English Sheepdog, received from Oracle Corp Japan's chief executive Masaaki Shintaku, a certificate of thanks and a one-year supply of beef jerky as her retirement pay.

"I want to thank you for helping staff and customers relax," said Shintaku.

She worked at Oracle Japan for 11 years, as the official company pet. Her job was to come to the office twice a week, in order to help everybody to relax ;-)

She will be replaced by Wendy, a dog of the same breed.

Photo: Heidi kissing Masaaki Shintaku during the ceremony.

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Fri, 07 Mar 2003 Weekly meeting famous words...

François (Hong-Kong): La formation sur le nouveau soft est pratiquement terminée à Sydney.
Nicolas (Sydney): Euh, pas tout a fait... On n'a pas commencé en fait.
François (Hong-Kong): The new software training in Sydney is almost completed.
Nicolas (Sydney): Well, hummm, not exactly.... We did not really start yet.

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Sun, 02 Mar 2003 New hairdresser

Kalpana Chawla I got a new haidresser: Li herself!! But the first try, yesterday, showed some leaks in her processing.

I should maybe go back to my regular hairdresser in the future ;-)

This picture was taken by Eddie one week later (with his brand new mobile phone!) in french bar-restaurant Aux Bacchanales, our usual friday-evening place.

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