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Bruno, long time ago

Tue, 21 Oct 2003 Landed in Paris

We decided yesterday that it was not worth staying in Japan a few more days, as we initially planned. We took the plane yesterday night, and arrived in Paris this morning at 4:00.

Our hotel is near Les Halles, quite a good place (fucking AZERTY keyboqrd).

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Wed, 08 Oct 2003 Final schedule in Japan

Here is the final schedule for our last days in Japan:

  • Oct 8th: Sayonara party at the office
  • Oct 14th-16th: Business trip to Sydney
  • Oct 17th: Sayonara party at home. I will need to push everybody outside before 8:00 the next day because...
  • Oct 18th: Moving company will empty our apartment (the travel will take 6-8 weeks to Paris)
  • Oct 19th: We send some cases to Narita airport, and go for a few days to Kusatsu
  • Oct 23rd: Flight to Paris
  • Oct 27th: First apartments visits in Paris

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Wed, 08 Oct 2003 A new toy

I bought a new toy last week: The Zaurus SL-C760 is really a cool device... Launching a shell on such PDA is simply like a dream ;-)

I had first to localize it to English (everything is japanese by default). Then I started playing: Importing my Sony Clié NR70V data, installing a cross compiler on my PC, and compiling my first program for the Zaurus (Hello World! of course!).

For more information about the C760, have a look to this review or to this one.

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Mon, 06 Oct 2003 Business trip to Hong-Kong

I came back yesterday from a business trip to Hong-Kong. Not much to say about it... Next one will be Sydney next week...

In the meantime, Li's mother arrived in Tokyo for a few days visit... She should leave on 16th.

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