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Bruno, long time ago

Thu, 03 Jul 2003 July 6th: Website Defacement Contest

news.com reports that a website defacement contest will take place this Sunday. The winner will be the crackers group to get the more points with a maximum of 6,000 defaced sites. The points are given as following:

  • Windows system defaced: 1 point
  • Unix, Linux or BSD system: 2 points
  • IBM's AIX: 3 points
  • HP-UX or Apple's OS-X: 5 points

zone-h.org expects 20,000 to 30,000 defacements during this contest. They also noticed that the number of defacements decreased the recent days, while the scanning of web servers increased. They think that the crakers are currently looking for targets, and are waiting the contest time to launch the real attacks. This is not really surprising, for such a serious matter: It is really important to know who is the best :-)

If you want to have fun, just have a look on Zone-H defacements archives, and on their Hall of Shame!

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