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Bruno, long time ago

Sun, 30 Jul 2000 Motorbike licence - Concorde crash.

Got it!! I can now drive a motorbike! The test was limit, as I drove very quickly on ippon-bashi. I lost points, but did not fail!!

I just started to use gimp, as you probably noticed (I changed some titles at first). This software looks terrible! Of course, office users only know Photoshop, and simply do not accept that a free software could be better... They would be very surprised if they understand that some features in photoshop were first on gimp (for instance the famous intelligent scissors)!!

Concorde crashed this week in Paris. More than 100 people died. The most beautiful plane in the world is maybe too old. I always had the dream of taking the Concorde from Paris to New York. The last chances are probably vanishing with this accident :-(

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