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Bruno, long time ago

Tue, 05 Sep 2000 I love Koh-Samui!

Vacation is over... Koh-Samui is a nice place: Weather, people, prices (!!), etc... Thierry & me spent most of our time playing chess (we were in the same club a few years ago, before I came to Japan). I met there a lot of western people who seem to have a good life: Of course money is not so big, but quality of life seems so higher than in a big city like Tokyo!

My server crashed 3 days before I came back from Thailand. What is strange is that the problem was a power-off!!! As only few people (I would say about 1) live in my home, the investigation should be easy ;-)

I just started to install a photo gallery, helped with slooze. It will stay protected by password until I have at least 10 pictures installed!

Oh, next week I have vacation again: One week in Guilin (South China). According to this site, this is a very nice place...

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