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Bruno, long time ago

Sun, 13 Jul 2003 The best recipe ever: Canouga ©

When I was around 12, and scouting, I went to a summer camp somewhere in France, and we had, the last day, a cooking contest. My patrol won the dessert prize with the (soon famous, as I publish it today) Canouga ©. I strongly recommend you to try this recipe as soon as you can. Why not tonight?

You will only need a pan, a wood spoon, one liter of milk, and one kilogram of sugar.

Now, the difficult part: Pour the milk and sugar (yes, everything!) in the pan, then put on fire. I don't know if the fire should be strong or not, as we used a fire camp at the moment, but it was probably very hot.
As soon as it is on fire, never stop stirring it with the spoon... Ensure that the sugar mixes well with the milk, and that nothing is burning, that's the challenge...
Stop the fire when the whole becomes hard...

That's it! It is time to serve the canouga © to your guests, and to think about buying a new pan, as you will never be able to properly clean the one you used.
Maybe you will need to find new friends too ;-)

What puzzles me is that the canouga © won the contest! I don't want to imagine what the other patrols made ;-)

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