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Bruno, long time ago

Wed, 18 Jun 2003 No Doubt this time: They are really crazy

SCO is crazy SCO changed its mind and, instead of asking $1 billion to IBM, prefers now to get $3 billions (!!).
But that is not all! They also claim to have rights on most of operating systems (yours is probably there!).
And of course that IBM helps the terrorists and gives North Korea a way to build super computers.

And what will come next? Here is a a possible follow-up, found on slashdot:

SCO ups damages to 6 billion - citing IBM's illegal use of 'international business machines' acroynm which they thought up first.

Damages go up to 15 trillion when SCO discovers that gravity and other basic laws of the Universe which IBM has been using to build servers formed a basis for SCO's machines first.

Finally, SCO ups damages to (quoting here) "forty bazillion-kabillion" for "having a successful business," which is what SCO was planning to do but couldn't because of IBM.

It should be noted that this last figure was given just before the Executive board collectively passed out after coming down dangerously from a hallucenagic high caused by dry-erase markers, non-dairy creamer, pez, and possibly other office-related recreational drugs.

Maybe the IBM answer could simply be (another /. post):
I see your 3 billion and raise you two more. Show your cards...

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