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Bruno, long time ago

Wed, 06 Aug 2003 SCO again...

I already discussed about SCO claims about Linux, but many events came since then, especially since the beginning of this week.

For instance, on Monday, RedHat filled a lawsuit against SCO.

This could be a non-event, as RedHat looks much smaller than SCO, and the SCO-IBM battle seems more important, but I was surprised to learn that SCO market capitalization is no more than 120 millions USD, ten times less than Redhat (and 1,000 times less than IBM). This probably means that RedHat has the power to fight.

Yesterday, SCO announced the Linux runtime licence prices. Are they smoking again? I have a personal server at home and I should pay 700 USD (1,400 after Oct 15th), just because they ask me to do so?

Imagine that someday this story happens in litterature domain: An SCO-like publisher would attack readers for buying a copy of an hidden book, and ask them a $10 licence to read.

But let's come back to SCO adventures... Then answered yesterday to RedHat with this letter:

Matthew J. Szulik
1801 Varsity Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606

Dear Matthew,

Attached is the letter I discussed with you during our July 31, 2003 telephone conversation. Instead of actually sending the letter, I thought it was best to telephone you and speak in person to see if we could resolve the issues between our companies short of litigation. We left the conversation with a preliminary agreement to meet and continue our discussions further.

To my surprise, I just discovered that your company filed legal action against The SCO Group earlier today. You, of course, mentioned nothing of this during our telephone conversation. I am disappointed that you were not more forthcoming about your intentions. I am also disappointed that you have chosen litigation rather than good faith discussions with SCO about the problems inherent in Linux.

Of course, we will prepare our legal response as required by your complaint. Be advised that our response will likely include counterclaims for copyright infringement and conspiracy.

I must say that your decision to file legal action does not seem conducive to the long-term survivability of Linux.

Yours truly

Darl C. McBride
President & CEO

Of course you noticed the last sentence. Ooops! I am really afraid!

Stupidity is the great constant in this universe.

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